Skill-based Combat

Ready your aim and reflexes. Spawn consists of a twitch-based fighting system where you must outplay your opponents. High level skills will give a statistical advantage but that's not all there is to combat - master your evasive manuevers, parries and strategy if you want to be the best.

No Levels

Classless system with no character levels. Make strategic decisions to cater to your own playstyle when investing your gained EXP (essence) as you level your skills and stats separately.

Build Your Own Species

Find fossils to resurrect the DNA of ancient demigods which can be combined to spawn your own species. Each species has a unique appearance and set of traits (stat advantages/disadvantages) contributing to the diversity of playstyles within the game.

Procedural Skill System

Skills are built with two core components - skill form + element. The skill form determines what kind of attack (projectile, melee, pull/push effect, implode/explode, etc) while the element determines the speed, magnitude and effect of the skill (drain hp, extra damage, drain ki etc).

Procedural Worlds

Travel around the vast great world as you come across portals to other dimensions of whole new worlds containing unique atomospheres where undiscovered species, skills and fossils await.

Dev Log: Movement and Combat

10 June 2018

We have been working towards the prototype daily so far and have made decent progress with the movement and combat system after receiving the core character animations. We're aiming to send out a playable demo to our subscribers within the next 2 weeks.

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Dev Log: 3D Animations

7 June 2018

Our animator has been working non-stop on our core animations. We think they have done a great job to capture the kind of game Spawn will be, take a look at what they have created so far!

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Dev Log: Spawn of the Beast

27 May 2018

Since our switch to Unity, we have been working hard to get a playable demo ready. Progress has sped up a lot since the engine change and we've already had our first character designed from an experienced 3D modeller who has worked with studios such as Bandai Namco, Square Enix and others in the past.

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Dev Log: Switch to Unity Engine

25 April 2018

We have decided to switch to Unity 3D. The decision came after a combination of encountering issues with the previous engine stack, lack of 2D animator availability and news of Unity's improvements for 2018 (especially WebAssembly).

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Dev Log: Character Illustrations

22 February 2018

Our illustrator has been working hard on finishing the character art for Spawn. The initial species have been sent to the animator for rigging and animation.

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Dev Log: Under The Hood

18 January 2018

We decided to go with a new HTML5 engine called which takes advantages of the best rendering & physics Javascript libraries such as P2.js and Pixi.JS. This will allow us to use Spine, enabling us to design powerful skeletal animations which would seamlessly integrate with our species generation system.

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